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CGC is an experienced software integrator of building security systems. We specialize in delivering high-quality solutions for facility management, information security management, and monitoring.


A simplified version of software for small and medium enterprises which integrates the attendance system, access control, and other electronic security and operational systems of buildings into a single software instrument with a smaller/narrower range of necessary settings.


A global platform for integrated security systems of buildings. A state-of-the-art software solution for any of the following:
- Access control & attendance
- Surveillance and monitoring
- Intelligent building operational


Last added articles

The administrator of the railway transportation system of th...

The administrator of the railway transportation system of the Czech Republic approved technical conditions for the SBI integration platform and issued its approval for use on the railways owned by the Czech Republic.

Updated list of supported devices

We have integrated new devices produced by Honeywell, Axis Communications, Bosch, Geutebruck, JVC and Dallmeier into the SBI platform. Our constantly growing list now includes already over 160 devices which brings our customers, unlike other proprietary systems, wide selection options according to their specific needs. The complete list of devices is available here.

CCTV in your iPhone!
Our home automation app is now available in its latest release also for iOS and with the PRO package includes CCTV control feature.

Have a look at the PRO package and start your own home automation project! Lighting, HVAC, CCTV control in one smart app: App Store
Application for home automation Control Your Home is availab...
Version 2.2 brings new CCTV control feature, which allows you to get visual overview of your home or company security wherever you are. New features also include lighting scenes so you can define lighting behavior of your rooms according to your preference – e.g. when watching a movie or to simulate presence during vacation etc.
Download the latest release of our app from Google Play, visit www.cgcshop.com and improve the security of your home or company right away! You can even start without any monthly fees!

Case studies

Orange Slovakia

Orange Slovakia

The aim of the project was to modernize obsolete hardware (HW), project and procure appropriate new HW, update the old SBI version to the newest version of SBI at the time: v5.2 (2011), update of drivers, presentation and application of new extending functions, improvement and expansion of user interfaces by providing new functions.

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Implementation of a CCTV system

Implementation of a CCTV system

ORANGE Slovakia, the largest mobile operator in the country requires 24/7 surveillance of its facilities. As an ACTI solution partner in Slovakia, CGC has successfully delivered and integrated surveillance systems implementing ACTI megapixel IP cameras as a part of a comprehensive security solution.

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Home Automation

Home Automation

CGC brings you a comfortable and configuration-free solution to control your home technologies. Our home automation solution allows you to control your HVAC, lighting systems or garden irrigation anytime and from literally anywhere using your smartphone. We use the most advanced Z-wave home automation technology which is fully compatible with our system. Your own project can easily become a reality. What is more, you can start without any monthly fee. Find out more and get started!


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