Spider IOT is an application which collects data from various sources, stores them and executes business functionality over them. It is perfect solution for simple and medium requirements regarding IOT devices in cases, where traditional solutions (Wi-Fi/3G/4G..) are complicated to achieve or there is no power source available.

Spider IOT is:

  • web-based application

  • using open-source solutions – no additional licences

  • allowing easy integration to 3rd party applications

  • customable based on project’s needs

  • communicating via LoRaWAN network (other networks available upon request)

  • integrated with SBI

Some of the features:

  • Multiple dashboards show widgets with desired content.

  • Widgets provide statistical data and show actual real-time values and alerts.

  • Each activity creates individual log stored for various scenarios and needs. These can be filtered or exported.

  • Application provides administration of devices as well as their visualization in map. If an alarm is triggered, user can switch to dashboard.

  • Sms and email notifications

LoRa sensors:

  • low energy consumption

  • effective and fast data collection

  • autonomous devices with possibility of remote control

  • using of c.g.c. or partner infrastructure to maximize coverage

  • secure communication

Some use cases:

Smart city solution – temperature and humidity is collected in different local parts of city and provided to citizens. Furthermore, backend functionality is sending warnings to city’s maintenance services during winter season when there is high chance of ice on the sidewalks in selected areas

Security solution – movement, entrance breach and flood warning data are collected in real time in maintenance tunnels under surface level. Alerts are collected and sent via designated channels.

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