Spider Logistics

Spider Logistics is an application created by c.g.c.,a.s which collects data from various sources, stores them and provides business functionality over them. It’s primarily aimed for monitoring entry and exit points of a logistic center, or any other area.

Spider Logistics:

  • Is web-based application
  • uses open-source solutions
  • allows easy integration of 3rd party applications
  • is designed to communicate with various hardware
  • can be customized based on project’s needs

Hlavné funkcionality:

  • Monitoring of tracks via CCTV (LPR)
  • Collecting insurance data
  • Provides data which can help fraud detection
  • Logistic optimization


The FinQ Program is a unique financial education initiative aiming to improve the financial culture of pupils and young people offers an innovative integral approach to financial education at schools. C.g.c., a.s. implemented software platform to cover needs of such initiative.

The application consists of public webpage, custom administration portal and e-learning solution provided to registered users.

You can find more about program here.

Foundation’s project/program registry

Custom software solution, which was designed for a bank’s foundation. It is based on open-source products and is used by foundation workers as well as by grant requestors.

Application provides:

  • data collection from requestors
  • administration of foundation’s programs and projects
  • communication with requestors
  • report creation
  • specific workflows

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