We are a modern, dynamically developing company that has existed on the market since 1998, and our main goal is to bring new integrated solutions for more efficient monitoring, control and management of technologies from various producers.

In 2000, we were the first company on the market that provided an innovative client-server based security system solution that integrated technologies from various producers and worked entirely in the web environment, and with no necessary licensing of connecting clients under the name SBI (Supervising Business Integration). SBI’s original purpose was to unify remote monitoring of security systems from different producers and simplify their remote control in unmanned locations. Gradually, we changed SBI into a modern security monitoring and controlling system with a wide range of features, which have later been adopted by other producers of similar applications. With growing demands of our customers, we gradually equipped SBI with new management tools bringing even higher efficiency in operations and security systems management. Customers’ demands for further extensions of monitoring and management of critical processes in their properties and infrastructures are a sign of their confidence in the quality of our work and in SBI itself.

In our more than 20 years of market presence we have built close relationships with both multinational and local producers and also with business partners who provide security systems of renowned brands. This close cooperation allows us to react flexibly on the requirements related to technological changes and improve our leading position in the market.

Today we can present ourselves with a balanced ratio of many security and technological implementations. Through natural growth and the market’s new demands, we continuously expand our portfolio with new attractive services; and through newer SBI editions, we share our experience working on large and demanding projects with partners working on smaller projects.

  • Longstanding experience with applying integrated security solutions.

  • Qualified personnel for consultations, projecting, development, implementation and support.

  • Comprehensive selection of products and services in the area of security and monitoring.

  • The ability to approach customer demands individually.

  • Proactive approach in improving offered product and services.

  • Determined to serve the customer regardless of the size of the installation.



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