Industrial quality control

Solutions based on very fast analysis to provide quality control: defect detection, correct order and anomalies detection. This type of analysis uses combination of AI methods (including deep learning, statistics and machine vision) focusing on speed (10-400ms) and PLC integration.

Manufacturing process optimization

Ultrafast methods (<30ms) consisting of: pre-process
(PLC communication), frame reading (resize, brightness
correction, etc), process (detection, segmentation) and
post-process (counting, context analysis, measuring,
3rd party SW communication).

Business analysis

Processing of real time stream or recorded videos
to gain business information (statistics, behavior,
forecasts) processed by business user afterwards.
Administration application included.

Behavioral analysis – safety and other solutions

Using statistic methods to support organization or
process which is already at place – quantity analysis,
safety accessories presence, parking optimization.
Solutions can be used in various environments such as
hospitals (falling of person), construction yards
(helmet presence), hazardous environments (specific
behavior checking).

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